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At Across Kenya Safaris, we have traveled along an adventurous Kenyan roads.

Our passion is two fold; we love the Kenyan nature, and we give brutally honest advice to help you plan the most amazing adventure tour to Kenya. We want you to experience this extraordinary country, as we have, with its breathtaking scenery, colorful cultures, local cuisine and of course, amazing wildlife.

We are here to profile you and provide you with first-hand unbiased, personalized and knowledgeable service when planning your Across Kenya tour. We were all born and raised in Kenya and work closely with our trusted network of operators within the Kenya overland industry.


24/7 Client

24/7 emergency support on the ground in Kenya. We  provides you security with your booking through Across Kenya Safaris.


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We have traveled on 99% of the routes in Kenya we consult on (not many people can say that). We have experts travel guide.


100% satisfaction

We have guided in and explored Kenya. We are adventurous people who believe that the journey is more important than the final destination.



We cover all services from flights, pre- and post-accommodation, pre- and post-transfers, advice and adventure trips.